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Online advertising focussed towards women

Date Added: September 12, 2009 09:18:38 AM
Author: byerwills
Category: SEO
Is search engine marketing taking a turn for the better? Many advertisers at present probably haven’t considered the fact that they should be focusing their attentions on areas that are going to drive quality conversions for their products and services. As the economy is shrinking and people are looking for new ways to market, advertising focus could begin to change. At the moment,in the online ad category women's sites are said to performing very well,and as there are no signs of the economy sorting itself out anytime soon, this looks to be increasing. Budgets are cut across the board, and for the rest of this year,the forecast is looking bleak. But women’s related sites seem to be immune from this negative trend. They have increased their advertising revenue in the last six months, at a time when others are seeing no growth. The rate of display ads are out classing ads shown in health, automotive and travel categories. During the period of April there were 2.2 billion ad views on automotive sites, and 1.2 billion on travel sites, but on women’s sites there were 4.7 billion display ads In response to this,it may well be time to change strategy and focus on the ones that are pulling the purse strings. During a slump, acquisition of goods and services tend to be around home ware, and this is what puts women in control of the buying situation. If a recommendation on a review site or blog has been made then there is much more chance that a decision has been made to purchase a product or service based on this recommendation. A useful strategy then,considering the above,could be to employ an ad campaign that targets women, on trusted sites and portals, and this could be how internet marketing will change in the next few months. No-one can predict the future and it’s difficult to see how things will materialise over the coming months, but the signs look to be favouring female focussed sites. Nick Singh is one of the top Strategic Internet Marketers in the UK and is the Senior Search Engine Marketer at Netcallidus Ltd, that has helped Numerous Business increase their profits Online.We are a Search Engine Marketing Firm that can help you increase your website profile. Please visit for further details.
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