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Press Release Writing In A Nutshell

Date Added: October 08, 2009 02:20:50 AM
Author: Diane Garcia
Category: SEO
Getting your products and services known is definitely important if you want to have good sales. And this is not only true for physical markets, but also for online ones as well. And just like the real world market, there are plenty of ways that you can get information about your wares distributed to would be customers.One of the easiest and cost effective ways to get this done is by issuing press releases. The press release is essentially an article containing information about a product or the latest events about that or the company that makes it. These are sent out by the company to media agencies, like TV networks, newspapers and online sites, who then release them as news items.As have been said, sending out press releases are very cost effective. Since these are treated as news items, news agencies don't charge anything at all to get them publish. Also, since they are free of charge, you can send out a large number to maximize your reach.However, the press release is also a double edged sword. In so much as to get you a good market visibility, press releases can also cause you to be banned from news agencies if not used correctly. Here are some tips that can help you in avoiding such things happening.The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that all the information that you put in your releases are indeed true. This is actually where many PR writers get into trouble. Often, in order to get more readers, they would spice their articles with fancy details. Remember that your press releases are supposed to be considered as news items, which means that anything that you put in will also be considered as such, which can lead to unwanted consequences in case of faulty or false details.When writing your press releases, you also need to remember that you are supposed to get your readers' attention. Thus, instead of simply enumerating the details of your article, you need to present them in a more interesting manner. Feature writing techniques can be useful for this purpose. Also, since this is supposed to be news, your article should be newsworthy. Thus, limit your press releases to only the latest happenings in your company.You also need to pay a great deal of attention to your headlines and leads (the first paragraph of your article). As these are the first part that your readers will see, you are likely the get their attention if they find these interesting. With that, you should immediately tell your reader why they should continue on reading. Provide them with important details and say that more can be found below.To cap your press release, remember to put contact information regarding your company or business. This will give your readers a means to contact you in case they get interested with the product you are advertising. The contact information can be either included in the main text of your article or as a separate info box or byline before it.
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