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The Science of Weight Loss

Date Added: March 05, 2014 07:18:48 PM
Author: Anonymous
Category: Health & Fitness: Weight Issues
The Science of Weight Loss As with most aspects of life having the knowledge and research of science gives the dieter a more productive way of approaching dieting. A little personal research can keep a dieter off the wrong track from following fads, or false information. Knowing how the body digests and uses food for fuel is a start to understanding how to lose weight and keep it off without feeling denied, and without going without the nutrients the body needs. The Effects of Weight Loss What researching into weight and weight loss has told us over the last two decades is that being overweight can cut down an individual’s life span down by almost 20 years. Being overweight even when a person is basically healthy ultimately raises the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and some cancers. A number of factors are believed to play a part in this difference between those who maintain a lower weight and lower body to fat ratio including the strain placed on the body, and ability to remove toxins for the body. Those who carry less weight will place less stress on internal organs, and the heart. They will also see toxins removed from the body faster than with those have a high fat to body ratio and are twenty or more pounds overweight. Will Exercise Alone Work? Often a dieter is told he or she should just “work the weight off” through exercise rather than dieting. Exercise is good, and is also known to keep an individual both physically fit, and emotionally healthy. The fact is however, that exercise alone will not help with weight loss. The answer from science is lowering food intake and making different food choices will trim off pounds and reduce fat cells faster than working out. The reason for this is the body will start to burn fat for energy when the calories are reduced. The body will burn some calories for energy during exercise, so a combination of diet and exercise is the fastest way to lose the pounds. No Magic Combination of Foods Many fad diets are based on the concept certain foods will cause fast weight loss. This sounds great, but unfortunately it’s not quite true. The reality is if the body receives all the nutrients it needs and all the protein to fill energy needs it does not matter what combination of foods you eat. It’s the lower calorie intake without starving the body of protein of nutrients, which hastens weight loss.
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