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Knowing Who To Talk To

Date Added: February 24, 2009 12:13:33 PM
Author: LinkMaster
Category: Teens
Author: Liam Hayman

Talking Helps!

In life, people need to talk whether it be to express opinion, feelings or debate. This article focuses on the many different people you can go to when you need to talk!

Talk to Frank; drugs
Talk to Frank is a website which allows you to privately discuss drugs. It also has an msn robot you can questions forward to, it’s all on the website;
I did an article a while ago on ecstasy which some of you may have read, part of that was gathered via Talk to Frank!

Your parents are your parents forever, you cannot change or get rid of them, they will worry about you until the day they die. Some people won’t choose this one, personally I don’t because I find it easier to talk to a stranger - this is natural and the case for most people so don’t feel like your being nasty!
You can talk to your parents on a wide range of issues, be it school, relationships, health or if you just feel down - your parents will talk to you, because they are part of your being.

Friends; ‘Friends are the family we choose for ourselves’
That saying is one which I’ve loved since I first heard it!
You make friends based on numerous things, one of these is trust right? So it would stand to reason that you would talk to your friends, because you most likely trust them. If it’s a serious thing though, I would advise thinking it through and making sure that you do honestly trust this friend. If a friend is around the same age as you, the chances are that they’ve gone through, or are going through something pretty similar, so they are most likely to understand you and be able to give strong and helpful advice.

This is a great website/phone line for people who are being bullied. If you’re getting bullied - then talk to these people, it’s anonymous and they cannot legally give out any phone numbers received unless requested by the Police or relevant bodies;

The chances are, you’ve heard of Samaritans, most likely the biggest phone line going. You can phone them any time of any day to talk about anything which is bothering you. I used them once before and it does help, they don’t know you so you can talk without worry of others finding out and they don’t know you so they don’t judge you for anything!

Have your parents just split up? Are your parents splitting up?
Talk about it - this website is designed specifically for people who’s parents are in the middle of divorcing, people who are divorcing and anybody else who may be affected.

I’m a teenager, I love to help people, and I’m very interested to know how I can help you!
You can either e-mail me privately -, or you can talk to me on; - my account is ‘Gothir’ or you can post a topic in the teen advice forum and I’ll make sure to get back to you, as will many other forum members!


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Name: Liam Age: 15 I run a general chat forum focused mainly on metal music called The biggest feature of my site is my exlcusive interviews with big name bands such as Tyr, Exmortem, Hatesphere, Sorg Uten Tarer and Northland.

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