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Chat And Text Abbreviations

Date Added: February 24, 2009 12:13:33 PM
Author: LinkMaster
Category: Teens
Author: Brad Long

Chatting and text messaging has grown so popular in our culture practically everyone has either sent a text message and or has chatted online with one of the popular instant message softwares. Texting on cell phones and PDA's is on the verge of replacing an actual phone call and as we spend more time on the computer it's easier to send an instant message. And so you dont get left behind you better know some
of the popular chat and text abbreviations.

If you are on a website like HP and you were trying to figure out software you just downloaded for example, do you do pick up the phone and make a call or get help with live chat? Almost all people in that situation will chose to chat with someone online rather than picking up the phone going through the red tape and get to the right person who can help.

Some companies many Americans work for have instant messenger set up on their employees computers to make it easier to communicate and be more efficient. With that being said I have a challenge for you. How many of these chat and text abbreviations do you know? if you are older and have grand children you will be considered cool if you know how to speak their language. If you are not a grand parent I bet there are some you may not be aware of.

Here are some popular chat and text abbreviations:

 3     404   A3   ADN  AFAIK  AFK  ARE  ASAP  A/S/L?

Ok as you can see these chat and text abbreviations are in alphabetical order A-C. I have a much larger list D-Z on my blog. <a href="

This is a fun article I had fun writing it. To see the complete list and be able to comment and add to my list please come on over to my blog and leave your comments and add your chat and text abbreviations.

How about something totally different on texting? A brand new service and application is being offered that combines chat and texting with your
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a text.

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friends and friends of your friends friends.

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