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The Arts ... A Great Career Selection

Date Added: August 27, 2008 10:19:27 AM
Author: M Gravlee
Category: Arts
If you are interested in a diverse and exciting career then a field of endeavor in the arts would represent a great career selection. Acting, painting and dancing are but a few examples involving this vast field although the list could draw on and on practically endless. Becoming a professional in the arts field does include attending a college or institution which specializes in the study of various arts related subjects.


Dance is a competitive industry with thousands of dancers auditioning every year for one of the select spots in troupes and live shows. There are several schools for dance majors and some are quite prestigious. You will need to be properly prepared with an audition routine when you apply to a dance school. As you can tell it is quit competitive and you will need to have your skills polished when you attend one of these auditions.

Painting and Artistic Pursuits

Painting, sculpting and creating works of art are a major part of the arts industry. Working as an artist is one of the most personally rewarding of all careers when you are creating things you love. Becoming an artist includes attending higher education programs where you will learn about the techniques used by many of the master painters as well as how to effectively market your own pieces of art.

Art is one of the staples of the culture of the country and art appreciation is growing daily. Millions of people travel to art museums and galleries on a daily basis while there is now a huge market for new talent starting to emerge. Having the right training and knowing how to sell and market your end products is the key to success when you want to become an artist.


Acting is perhaps one of the most popular industries in the field of the arts. Aspiring actors and actress’s line up for auditions and many even move to the urban areas of the country to become involved in the acting industry. Again, having the right training is the key to becoming successful in this increasingly competitive acting industry.

Film and Productions

Creating films is a very rewarding career and can also become lucrative as well. The film industry is quite competitive although more open to new talent than some of the other related industries in the arts. Production is perhaps the least competitive industry.

Production includes everything from set design to lighting technicians and even costume designers. Live plays, operas and movies would have little success without the talents of those in the production industry.

Music is one of the aspects of the arts that can reach people around the world. Becoming involved in the music industry can involve anything from starting your own band to working with corporate industries to make commercial music for movies.

Music can be producing your own songs or perhaps working with a full orchestra in a play. Movies, ballets and even live plays include music so this field is one of the most diverse in terms of participation.

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