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Can I Date While Going Through a Divorce?

Date Added: April 28, 2009 12:42:52 PM
Author: jamesgreave
Category: Society & Culture
Many women who are facing the reality of divorce, especially after years of suffering through a terrible relationship, are sometimes eager to pick up the pieces and find someone else to fill that hole of loneliness and despair. Those women often find themselves asking the question, “Can I date while going through a divorce?” Use Common Sense and Discretion The reality of the dating world is that you can’t really control where and when you’ll meet someone and fall in love. However, you can control the circumstances that you place yourself in where the likelihood of meeting someone is far higher. Most people do end up dating after a divorce, and many start dating before the divorce is final. The real question, when it comes to what will have an effect on the divorce proceedings, isn’t so much whether you are dating someone, but how long after the divorce proceedings started did you start dating again? The answer to that question could unduly influence the divorce judge’s rulings. So the real question should actually be, how long after divorce proceedings start can I date while going through a divorce? Can I Date While Going Through a Divorce – How Soon is Too Soon? The fact of the matter is that many women today who get divorced come to realize that they don’t like the modern marriage where so much income is expected of them. Women, throughout the 1980s, struggled to enter the workforce so that they could build up an income and contribute to the household finances. Unfortunately, what happened is that the “latch-key kid” became a modern household term – where kids came home from school and returned to an empty home and microwaveable meal. Women are realizing, in greater and greater numbers, that the successful and wealthy man of the 1940s and 1950s was a luxury that is missed. As early as the 1800s, the success of a man was measured in how well he could support his wife and kids financially, and the measure of a woman was her child caring and household skills, and sometimes simply just her beauty. Back then many a man would submit his entire estate for the chance to marry a beautiful woman. Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby Dating Takes You Back in Time So what happens when you’re divorcing one type of man, and you want to find and marry a wealthy man who believes in those old-fashioned principles? The truth is that you can start the dating process immediately by visiting websites that cater to this sort of lifestyle. While you’re progressing through your divorce, you can simply browse through the profiles of many wealthy men who are looking for beautiful women to marry – women who want to be spoiled, pampered, and cared for. In return, all these men ask for is for love, companionship and to be pampered with affection in return. For most women who lived in the 1800’s, it’s a relationship made in heaven. Because of today’s culture, these men are in very great supply, and the women who they hope to make happy, financially, are too busy working 9 to 5 jobs at the office. Go Ahead and Look, and Date When the Divorce is Final The great thing about these websites is that you can take your time and browse through the profiles, and contact these men via private email. Start a dialog and get to know them – it’s not officially dating until you actually date. While you’re getting divorced, this is the safest way to find the sort of man that you would like to replace the loser that you’re getting divorced from – the guy who would never let you go shopping or spend a dime. Then, finally, when the divorce is final, set up a date with the men who you’ve ranked at the top of your list – and in a very short time, you’ll feel like the princess that you’ve always deserved to feel like.
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