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Date Added: October 15, 2008 10:05:46 PM
Author: M Gravlee
Category: Pets
Caring for a pet is a challenging job at time but it is also something that brings joy to your life. Pet care can involve trips to the vet, buying the right products for your pet and giving you pet exercise and attention.

Adopting a Pet

You can find a pet that you may be just what you are looking for at one of your local animal shelters. You will need to provide the animal with a good home and pay a low adoption fee. You can readily find both cats and dogs at these animal shelters.

Most animal shelters will ensure that you have adopt a healthy pet by administering their annual vaccinations and spaying or neutering your potential pet before you bring it home. Most of the dogs and cats you find in a shelter are generally older animals so you will need to adopt one which fits your family and your temperament prior to making a firm decision about which one to select.

Training Your Pet

Some pets may already have some training especially if you have adopted them through a local shelter. Other pets may need to learn some basic manners and tricks. You can easily teach some things to your new pet relatively easily by using a positive reinforcement method and rewarding them appropriately.

Positive reinforcement works well with dogs. All you need to train your canine companion is a reward that your dog likes such as food as well as some spare time to teach them what you want them to know. When your pet behaves the way you want them to you can provide them with a treat for their positive behavior.

Untraditional Pets

Some pets such as guinea pigs and ferrets are not easy to train. You will need to have a special place for small pets such as a cage and a running ball for exercise. You will need the right foods for these types of pets. If you buy your pet at a local pet store the staff will assist you in finding the right food for them.

You will need to know whether or not your pet can be safely kept in the same cage as other animals. Sometimes animals do not like to share their space so it is better to just have one animal or to obtain separate cages for them.


Fish are particularly sensitive to who they share their space with. Some fish are aggressive and do not like to have other fish around them. You should always find out which fish are compatible and build your tank with the right kind of fish breeds.

Some kinds of fish also need to have very specific water temperatures and certain conditions present in their tank. You can decide which fish you want before you set your tank up or make sure that the fish you purchase will be capable of surviving in the tank that you have available.

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