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Science and Technology

Date Added: October 19, 2008 08:16:11 PM
Author: M Gravlee
Category: Science & Technology
Technology and science have become a part of everyday life in most of the world. People use science and technology to communicate, work and for fun every day. Science and technology have become more advanced and easily accessible than ever before.

Early Science

Science has been evolving since the early 1700’s when the first telescope was invented. Most scientists were met with extreme difficulties during these times since their findings went against the commonly held religious and social beliefs of the time. For example, when it was discovered that the Earth was not the center of the universe the scientist who claimed the discovery was put on house arrest for an extended period of time.

Even ideas such as cleanliness in the operating room or during routine vaccinations were looked upon with a sense of disbelief and ridicule. Many scientific ideas began with one or two scientists claiming a theory which was combated with great resistance from the rest of the world.

Modern Science

Science has become a common and accepted part of everyday life. Many societies embrace scientific and factual thought over superstition and hesitation to accept new laws and theories. There are several areas in the world that are very dependent upon the new technologies to work and communicate with others.

Communication, music and even work have been revolutionized by the new technologies. The Internet makes it easier than every to talk to friends and family who live far away and to make business run smoother and more efficient. Cell phones have changed the way that modern people communicate. You no longer have to depend upon having a landline close by and can have a way to communicate with others anywhere at anytime.


Technology also includes medical advances. New medical technology has improved the quality of life of millions of people and has extended the average life beyond that of any other time period in our history. Pacemakers, diabetes treatment and even respirators have helped countless people recover from illness successfully.

Medical science prior to the 1950’s was based on a more homeopathic type of medicine that included home remedies. Even doctors could do little for infections and illnesses that were not easily detected such as internal injuries or illnesses. In fact, it was not uncommon for people to die from a bout with infection of the skin or pneumonia.

Technology can also be found in cars and portable machines such as GPS systems. GPS or global positioning systems are now installed on cell phones, in cars and can be purchased alone for the travelers among us. Many hikers carry a portable GPS system with them in case they get lost on their journeys.

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